The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

scorpio racesI have been a Maggie Stiefvater fan ever since I first picked up Shiver in what I remember as the year of the werewolf heartthrob. Can I say that I will be happy when this fad has more or less passed? I have no complaint with any specific book, mind you. I just have a hard time daydreaming about werewolves. (I blame this completely on the 1985 movie Teen Wolf.)

My personal feelings about werewolves aside, Shiver was fantastic. The remaining books in the series were also good, but not as good as Shiver in my mind. I have the same opinion of her equally great The Raven Boys and its decent sequels. Her books are so deliciously captivating. They are the kind of books where I have to make a concerted effort to pull myself out of the world she’s created when the book ends. She definitely writes read-all-in-one-sitting-if-possible books. My very favorite of her books to date is The Scorpio Races.

Puck Connelly is the first girl to ever enter the Scorpio Races, and she desperately needs to win. The prize money is her only shot at saving the little she and her brothers have left after their parents’ death. She won’t be riding the wild water horses the riders capture and then attempt to control each November for the races, however. She plans on riding her own regular-variety horse. Sean Kendrick is the reigning champion of the races. He has his own reason for desperately needing to win the race, but he keeps things to himself.

As you can imagine, there is lots of horse talk. There is also some romance, though it is not the main point of the book. If anything, the main focus of the book is the island itself: there is not a person living on the island who hasn’t lost someone in the races, but they all need the races for survival in one way or another as well.

In my mind, The Scorpio Races is the perfect Maggie Stiefvater book. I check periodically to see if there is a sequel, and every time, I am both disappointed and a little relieved that there isn’t. You can bet that if she ever does write a companion novel, I will read it. (All in one sitting, if possible.)

I would recommend this to: readers who love horses or horse races. I am neither and I still loved the book. Fans of YA novels, especially those with a little fantasy and a little love story, would like this book.


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