Authors I Love: Brandon Sanderson

Like many fantasy fans, I first read Brandon Sanderson when he finished The Wheel of Time series after the author passed away. Over the years since then, I have worked my way through everything he’s published so far.

About the Author
Brandon Sanderson is an American author from Nebraska who currently lives in Utah with his wife and children. I actually met him (he was a friend of my husband when we were dating) about the time his first book was published. When he told me he was a fantasy writer, I just sort of nodded and forgot about it. I blame the stress of college or the folly of youth or something. It wasn’t until I was reading the end of The Wheel of Time series that Josh made the connection. So there you have it! Not only have I met him, I mentally dismissed his claims at being an author. I have eaten my words many times over for that one.

About the Books
One thing I love about Brandon Sanderson is that he writes so many and such varied books. He has more than one multi-book series as well as some stand-alone fantasy novels. The safest way to describe his books as a whole is high fantasy. (That means the kind with invented magical systems, maybe an invented language or two, and maps on the inside cover.) One thing he does incredibly well is create entire worlds and magical systems that lack glaring holes. I don’t spend a ton of time analyzing the magic systems of books I read, but plenty of readers do. Brandon Sanderson’s stuff definitely holds up to scrutiny. Some of the books would be more accurately classified as science fiction, and some are extremely accessible even if you’re not a fantasy fan. He has middle grade and YA novels in addition to his general fantasy offerings. [See comment above about his prolific writing.]

My Favorites
My personal favorites, The Wheel of Time books not included (which are great), are The Rithmatist and The Way of Kings. I most often recommend Alcatraz vs. the Evil Librarians and Steelheart, which are both fun and easy to enjoy even if you don’t generally read fantasy novels. If you do frequent that section of the library, I heartily recommend The Way of Kings (and its subsequent sequels). His Mistborn series is one of his most popular, so that’s a great place to start as well.

You can find out more about Brandon Sanderson and his current projects on his website.


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