How to Express Love to Your Favorite Reader (Hint: It’s not flowers.)

I used the long drive on our trip to Baltimore last week to catch up on past episodes of the What Should I Read Next? podcast. A part of me really hoped Josh was awake and paying attention when the guest described how her husband takes her away for a weekend every year when the next book in her favorite series is published. A full weekend with a new book and no responsibilities? Yes, please! I was thinking about it throughout the past week and noticed a few things my own husband does to treat his favorite reader:

He has never complained about the number of books and bookcases we’ve packed and moved. Josh might threaten to throw away all the toys and decorations each time we move, but never once has he said anything about my books (even my 3 complete sets of The Divine Comedy).

He asks me about the book I’m reading. Since I love to talk (about books especially), I will happily spend far too long describing the characters and plot twists of a book he probably isn’t all that interested in anyway.

He makes it a point to visit any bookstores we pass when we visit someplace new. Even if I’m worried about bedtimes and traffic (like I was this past week), Josh insists that we stop and look around. He corrals the kids while I wander around the bookstore wishing I could move in permanently.

He will wait to see a movie until I’ve finished the book. I’ve never tested how long he will wait, though if I don’t finish The Martian pretty quickly, we may find out.

He gets up with the kids when I’ve stayed up too late reading. It might only get me an extra 20 minutes before he has to go to work, but with as often as this scenario has played out in our marriage so far, I’ve probably gotten a few weekends’ worth of extra sleep by now.

So while I certainly wouldn’t turn down an annual reading weekend, I’m pretty lucky already. I’ve never been one for flowers or jewelry, but this afternoon Josh sent me to our room to read the last chapter of my book in peace. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.


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