4 Lucky Finds We Ended Up Loving

4 lucky findsRandom grabs at the library are hit or miss. Since two of my three children are old enough to notice if their books don’t make it home from the library, I’ve read more inane picture books than I’d care to admit. We’ve had a streak of luck at the library, though, and keep finding one delightful book after another. Granted, a few have been from authors we already know and love, though even that is not always a guarantee. If a child grabs it off the shelf while I have my back turned (they are fast little things!) and it turns out to be a new favorite, I’m counting it as a lucky discovery. Here are 4 we’ve recently found (and loved):

Monster Trouble! by Lane Fredrickson and Michael Robertson is my preschooler’s current favorite. She is both terrified of and fascinated by monsters, werewolves, tigers, and monsters. She is now quick to point out that she’ll follow Winifred’s lead if she ever finds monsters in her room at night.

Mother Bruce by Ryan Higgins. The librarian was so excited when we checked this one out. I’ve read this one at least five times and it makes me laugh every time. A grumpy bear + a family of goslings? Yes, please. You know how much I love grumpy characters.

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs by Mo Willems probably needs no further advertisement than that. If you love Mo Willems (and we do), you’ve probably assumed already that this is hilarious and quirky (it is). I love a good retelling, and this is one of the best I’ve read.

Flight School by Lita Judge tells a sweet story about a penguin born “with the soul of an eagle.” I especially love the pictures. Lita Judge’s artwork is always my favorite part of her books. Is there anything as cute as a penguin trying to fly? Before you answer that, wait until you see the emu.



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