10 Posts You Might Have Missed

might-have-missedThis love letter to books/pet project/mild obsession of mine went and passed 100 posts last week. My baby is growing up! In all seriousness, thank you to all of you for making my fun idea a reality by reading and commenting and sharing your book recommendations. Talking about books is just about my favorite thing. In honor of 100 book-loving posts, here are 10 of my favorite from the earliest days of the blog. If your name isn’t Katie, Jessica, or Melissa*, you probably haven’t seen these yet. *If it is, thanks again for being my most supportive beta readers. Happy reading!

  1. 4 Books That Make Rhyming Look Good. I love a good rhyming picture book, especially if the author uses unusual or creative words. I was looking back at this post recently and felt a sudden desire to get my hands on more books by Virginia Kahl.
  2. Seeking My Literary Soul Mate. I wrote an early version of this post for an application to write for a bookish website. They expressed zero interest in hiring me, but I still laugh a little about this post when I think about it. Literary match making should totally be a thing.
  3. Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho. A tough day followed by a frustrating night was salvaged by this book. I was delighted to be surprised by how much I enjoyed it, so much so that I opted to sit on the floor of the hotel laundry room rather than stop reading long enough to walk back to the hotel room between loads.
  4. 4 Lucky Finds We Ended Up Loving. I try to let the kids pick out a few library books each, even if that means we come home with books we own and 3 copies of Fly Guy. One week last May, we had incredible luck. These four books are still some of my favorites, and all of them were random grabs at the library.
  5. What is Love? (Let’s Ask My Bookcase.) One morning last February, I spent more hours than I will admit out loud rereading favorite books looking for moments and phrases that capture the nuances of love. I resisted the urge to quote Petrarch, and I only worked with what was in the house at the time. I offer no promise of similar restraint this coming Valentine’s Day.
  6. Finnikin of the Rock by Melina Marchetta. This is my favorite book from one of my very favorite authors. (On a more current note, Marchetta just published her first novel for adults! I trust her enough to read absolutely anything she writes, but I’m a little nervous to see how her writing changes with the new intended audience. Process faster, library!)
  7. Authors I Love: Bill Peet. Every single Authors I Love post is a labor of love, but Bill Peet might be the author I want to talk about the most. I grew up on his books, and I think he deserves more attention. (I also considered putting Authors I Love: Brandon Sanderson here, by virtue of the fact that my son just started reading the Alcatraz series and my brother asked me last week where he should start with Sanderson’s books. [I told him the same thing I wrote last January, without even looking at the post. Turns out, I still feel the same way.])
  8. The Lost City of Z by David Grann was a fascinating account of the life and death of the explorer Percival Fawcett that left me temporarily obsessed with the Amazon. The movie adaptation premiered at the New York Film Festival this past weekend, and I’m curious to see how it compares to the book.
  9. Lift-the-Flap and Real Children: 4 Sturdy(ish) Books for Little Hands. I usually avoid books with flaps and tabs, at least while small children run my household. I have a hard enough time keeping them off the dining table; I don’t have time to keep them away from very many special books. That said, here are 4 lift-the-flap books that have lived through three enthusiastic toddlers.
  10. Roxaboxen by Alice McLerran and Barbara Cooney is one of my all-time favorite picture books. The story is based on the author’s aunt’s childhood in Arizona. It makes me miss being a child in the desert. I don’t often see it outside of Arizona, so when I spotted it on the shelves at Park Road Books last week, my opinion of the book buyers there went up a couple notches.

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