Happy Birthday, Get Booked!

get-booked-birthdayGet Booked, one of my favorite book podcasts, just celebrated its first year in existence. Happy Birthday! Each episode features 5-6 questions from readers looking for just the right book. The show’s hosts Amanda and Jenn (with occasional special guests) recommend a handful of books each based on the preferences and requests of those writing in. In honor of the first year, here are my favorite things about the show:

The hosts are intelligent and funny. I mentioned in my initial post about book podcasts that the host’s voice and personality can make or break a podcast for me. In my completely subjective opinion, Amanda and Jenn find a great balance between humor and serious book talk. They know their stuff; a discussion of dystopian vs. post-apocolyptic literature might be followed by a list of the best translated fiction of the year. They obviously get along well, and that rapport makes for an enjoyable listening experience.

The questions they answer are diverse. They’ve answered questions all over the map when it comes to genres and styles. Just off the top of my head I can remember questions everywhere from “I’m looking for books about a girl in a potentially haunted house in the English countryside” to “Can you recommend some graphic novelts to me that aren’t about super heroes?” to “I’m traveling to Singapore this summer. Do you know of any books I can read that take place in Singapore but aren’t crime novels?” If you find yourself wondering the answers to any of those questions, you might love this podcast.

The themed episodes never cease to suck me in. I like that most of the episodes are all over the place. If there’s a question that doesn’t interest me, chances are good the next one will. That said, there have been themed episodes from time to time featuring special guest experts. Some of the special topics covered have been graphic novels, science fiction, thrillers/mysteries, romance, and children’s literature. Even episodes I think won’t be for me (ahem, romance) have me nodding along and scribbling titles all over the house until I can get them into Goodreads.

In honor of the first year, Jenn published a list of the 11 most recommended books on the show. I’ve only read two of the books on the list (eep!), but I loved them both. (For inquiring minds: Sorcerer to the Crown and The Night Circus.) Of the remaining nine, I’ve got one waiting at the library for me and three more on my list of books to read. Despite my poor showing on the top 11, some of my favorite books this year have made it into my hands because of Get Booked: Uprooted, A God in Ruins, The Screaming Staircase, and The Light Between Oceans

If you’re looking for a place to start, I’ve especially enjoyed these three episodes.


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