Snow Day Reading (or What I’ve Been Reading Lately)

A few days into the new year, we got four inches of snow overnight. In a place that gets 1-2 days of snowfall a year, that was a big deal. Schools were closed for days due to the icy roads, so we settled in for an extended break. We played in the snow, we broke in a few new games, and I did lots of catch up reading:

The Cruelest Month by Louise Penny: Every time I start an Inspector Gamache novel, I think that mystery is not really my favorite genre and that I’d rather more action and less philosophy about human behavior. By the third of fourth chapter, though, I can’t stop listening or reading (whichever the case may be). So far, the series is keeping me coming back for more. This was no exception.

The Alloy of Law by Brandon Sanderson: I read the Mistborn series years ago, but I’ve never managed to crack open The Alloy of Law before it was due back at the library. (I’ve tried at least four times.) This time, the library was closed for a few extra days, so I hurried to start (and finish) the book on borrowed time. I really enjoyed the pacing on this one; I’m a big fan of epic fantasy, but sometimes I just want a bite-sized sample instead.

A Man Called Ove by Fredrick Backman: I’ve heard this compared to Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand, but I didn’t find anything about them to be the same other than the protagonists being elderly widowers. I loved this so much. For what it’s worth, I listened to the audio version which I’d heard can help with the slow(ish) beginning.

Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt: I’m still trying to find the perfect word to describe this one. It was a little more descriptive in the literary sense than what we usually read together, but both the third grader and I liked this one anyway. My full review is here.

Blood of Tyrants by Naomi Novik: Oh how I’ve loved the Temeraire series. I will be sad to read the last book (which came out late last year).

Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline: This was the most recent pick in one of the book clubs I attend. I had a hard time getting into the book, but I finished just in time for book club. I left enjoying the book much more than I had going in because of all the great discussion it inspired.

Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore: Yet another book I’ve been trying to read for years. This was the month for finishing books I’ve neglected in the past. I’d heard this wasn’t as good as the rest of the series, so I kept putting it off. In the end, I liked it enough to read it over the course of two days, but not enough to ever read it again.

What have you been reading so far this year?


2 thoughts on “Snow Day Reading (or What I’ve Been Reading Lately)

  1. Elena says:

    Orphan Train was really interesting. I had never head about that part of US history. I learned a lot and I have no doubts that a book club discussion on the different themes in the book would be so good! A Man Called Ove was dark and hilarious at the same time. I really enjoyed it. You’re right.. the only thing similar to Pettigrew was that they’re both grumpy but endearing old widowers.


    • Kimberly says:

      I agree! Comparing the two books is not unlike saying every book about children with magic is like Harry Potter. I liked both Ove and Pettigrew, but the style of the books did not strike me as similar at all.


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