4 (More) Lucky Finds We Ended Up Loving

lucky findsI try to encourage my children to love reading. It’s important to me that they be comfortable in the library. I want them to have the freedom to pick books that interest them, not just the ones I’ve been wanting to read. These are all wonderful goals, but have you ever been to the library with a toddler?! I can only read Mermaid Barbie and Optimus Prime Fight Batman in Atlantis* so many times before I start trying to ditch it on the return cart without my kids noticing. It seems like every time I swear never to take the toddler back to the library with me, the Library Fates align and the random grabs turn out to be new family favorites. Here are four of our most recent lucky finds:

What Do You Do with a Kangaroo? by Mercer Mayer is my toddler’s favorite book these days. Our library’s copy includes a cd that reads the story, and I have to admit that my voices are nowhere near as fantastic. This is definitely worth getting on audio if you have the option!

Mummy Cat by Marcus Ewert and Lisa Brown. Since my five-year-old is currently obsessed with both mummies and cats, it’s no wonder we’re reading this one at bedtime every night. I’d like to say my favorite part is how much it teaches us about ancient Egypt, but it’s really Brown’s illustrations that keep me willing to read it again (and again).

HippoSPOTamus by Jeanne Willis and Tony Ross is just plain silly. There might not be very many words that actually rhyme with hippopotamus, but that didn’t keep Willis from just making some new ones: “Hippopotamus had a spotamus…on her bottomus.” If you think little kids might find that sentence funny, you are absolutely correct.

Egg Thoughts and Other Frances Songs by Russell Hoban and Lillian Hoban is a sweet collection of songs from the Frances books by Russell Hoban. I haven’t read the book that features the song about the last Lorna Doone cookie, but I’d like to. I’d also like some Lorna Doone cookies with my lunch today, thankyouverymuch.


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