4 Books I’ve Been Reading Lately

reading lately mayIf it wasn’t for audiobooks this month, I might have read nothing at all. I don’t know if I have less time than I used to or if my attention span is shot thanks to my phone (probably both), but it’s hard to stay awake while I’m reading these days. Thank goodness for audiobooks. My only consolation is that I’ve really enjoyed the few books I did read this month. I even snuck a non-fiction in there, thank you very much.  

A Slip of the Keyboard: Collected Nonfiction by Terry Pratchett. I’m calling it right now: Terry Pratchett will be my favorite author of the year. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this collection of non-fiction essays, but they are funny, thoughtful, and surprisingly touching. The forward by Neil Gaiman almost made me cry, and I’m just now discovering how much I enjoy Pratchett’s work. I can only imagine how long-time fans of Sir Terry Pratchett feel when they read it.

A Hat Full of Sky by Terry Pratchett. I’d heard you can read the Discworld books in any order, and that has thankfully been true. I’ve been listening to the books in whatever order my library gives them to me. What surprises me is how well it’s working. I told someone recently that the City Watch books were my favorite in the series, but the Tiffany Aching books are quickly taking their place. Pratchett’s world of witches makes me want to be one myself.

The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh was a recent book club read in the long-distance book club I’m in with some long-time friends. The book isn’t overly depressing, but Victoria’s experiences in the foster care system were too realistic for me to be confident in any sort of happy ending. It did end pretty well (thank goodness) and also had me looking up the meanings of my own wedding flowers just to see what messages we’d unintentionally sent at our wedding.

The Golem and the Jinni by Helene Wecker. I’m just 3 chapters from the end on this one and I’m completely enthralled. The story follows a golem and a genie both stuck in New York at the turn of the century. Even though there is some definite magic at work in the story, it doesn’t feel fantastical at all. I’m really enjoying the way Wecker wove together characters from fable and the history of New York City. For starters, neither the golem or the jinni land in wealthy New York neighborhoods. This is a story of immigrants, secrets, and longing for home. In fact, it could definitely work as an immigrant story in my reading challenges for this year.

I didn’t want to admit that I read less than I used to, but it’s feeling that way right now. Since that’s the case, though, I’m always on the lookout for great recommendations to make the most of my limited reading time. So tell me, what have you been reading lately?


One thought on “4 Books I’ve Been Reading Lately

  1. Jen says:

    I just finished Every Day by David Leviathan. It was a fast read, with a weird twist that makes you really think about the course of a day and all those missed moments and things that most of us take for granted. A definite change from my standard sci-fi/fantasy, but one I definitely enjoyed.


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