Picture Books of Instagram

picture books of instagramAt a church picnic yesterday, a friend turned to me and told me about a book she just read and loved. Having a friend (online or in-person) share book titles with me makes me happier than you might think for such a small thing. When it comes to picture book recommendations, though, I need more than any group of friends can supply. My girls can blow through even the most robust TBR list since they read 5 or 6 picture books in one sitting (sometimes more than once a day). I get most of my picture book ideas on Instagram these days. If you haven’t spent time perusing the kids’ bookstagram scene recently, it might surprise you how many beautiful pictures of books run through my feed every day. In case you need something else to look at in the middle of the night (why don’t my friends post updates at 2 am?!), here are some of my favorite Instagram accounts dedicated to children’s books and reading:

Picture This Book: Run by a mother of two named Eileen who calls book hunting her favorite sport. My favorite part of her account is the clean, bright pictures. This is a feed all about the books themselves.

The End Papers: An entire Instagram account dedicated to nothing more or less than celebrating happy end papers. I barely noticed end papers before finding this feed, but now I find myself peeking inside any picture book I get my hands on.

Kids Books We Love: When I’m looking for something new, I look to Kids Books We Love. Since the owner (moderator? Instagrammer?) lives in Australia, there’s a nice blend of familiar and new-to-me picture books.

Little Books Big World: I usually prefer simple pictures without too many props (it feels more like getting a book recommendation from a friend that way), but the posts by Little Books Big World are super creative without overwhelming the book. The pictures just make me happy.

A Book to the Rescue!: This new(ish) account is quickly becoming one of my favorites. If the name wasn’t great enough (it really is amazing), I feel an instant bond with anyone who also loves A Fish Out of Water

Spiky Penelope: In a world of Instagram accounts dedicated to picture books, Spiky Penelope is all about the illustrations and book design. If you’re wondering if your feed needs more beautiful illustrations, it does.

If you have any other favorite bookstagram accounts, let’s hear it! I always need more pictures to look at while I’m pretending to fold the laundry.





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