Finding Book Recommendations in Unexpected Places (Podcast Edition)

It took me awhile to jump on the audiobook and podcast train, but I am a devoted fan these days. Almost all of my reading happens in audio form these days, and the same is true for reading recommendations! Last year, I wrote about my favorite book podcasts: both for finding books for myself and for my little bookworms. As much as I love listening to podcasts about reading, however, it’s always a pleasant surprise to get book recommendations from one of my other podcasts. It’s like going to the park and discovering your favorite food truck is there for the afternoon at the same time. (Or it would be if I lived anywhere hip enough to have food trucks.) Here are three podcast episodes all about books that I’ve loved recently:

Stories to Take You Out of Suburbia from Homestead Story: I’ve been listening to the Homestead Story podcast for a few months now as we get ready to move to our own rural piece of land. Anytime I’m desperate to plant something but have to sit on my hands and wait, I pull up an episode and live vicariously through Peter and Kristen. I’ve been wanting to read The Art of Fermentation for a while now, so maybe I’ll scrounge up a copy and try my hand at some fermentation this winter while I wait for the weather to warm enough to work in the garden.

The Best Science Books of 2016 from Science Friday: Ever since reading The Lost City of Z, I’ve come to really look forward to book recommendations on Science Friday. Since I don’t spend Friday afternoons in the car anymore, I get my science fix via the podcast these days. The yearly book wrap-up is always one of my favorite episodes.

Literary Dogs from Your Family Dog: We lost our family dog over a year ago now, and the half-sized people in the house and starting to plan for their next puppy. Josh and I are slowly coming around to the idea, and I’ve been prepping myself by refamiliarizing myself with the needs and training of a dog. Your Family Dog episodes are short and cheerful, so I find them strangely soothing considering we have no dog right now. When the hosts dedicated an entire episode to favorite dogs in literature (including two of my favorites: Fang and Tock), I was completely sold.



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