Reading the World: 8 Books I’d Like to Try

8 books I'd like to tryOnce a month, I make a list of the books I’ve been reading as a way to keep tabs on my reading and join in with other readers around the internet who participate in Ann Bogel’s Quick Lit. This month, I keep finding myself gravitating more to what I’d like to read than what I’m reading now. (Call it literary wanderlust, if you will.) Thanks to a side writing project I’ve been working on, I discovered both Ann Morgan’s TED talk about reading a book from every country in the world in a year and this world map made by an incredibly creative reddit user. First of all, I’d love to have a map like that on my wall. Secondly, it got me thinking about what I would do if I wanted to represent the world in books. What a daunting task to pick one book to represent an entire country! I’m far from making my own list, but I have enjoyed reading both lists and all the comments from readers around the world chiming in with their own suggestions. My international reading has suffered in the decade since college, so I’m gleaning ideas off both lists for my own TBR list. Here are the eight books that caught my eye first: Continue reading

5 (More) Lucky Finds We Ended Up Loving

5 more lucky findsIt’s always a treat to find great library books on our own. I place requests for a fair number of books as they are recommended to me, but we also do plenty of grabbing whatever looks good. With 4 sets of hands pulling books off the shelves (and one of those sets is much faster than the rest) on most of our trips, we end up with quite a few books. Here are five picture books we’re reading right now that we all enjoy: Continue reading

8 Book Lists for Summer Reading

8 book lists for summer readingA few weeks ago, my five-year-old asked to read some library books in bed. When I told her we didn’t have any library books in the house, she cocked her head to one side and squinted at me like I was speaking a foreign language. We are serious about the library around here, but things got busy (and I got tired) in April. It was a strange feeling not to have a single library book anywhere. Now that school is winding down, I’m ready to max out the library card again. I’ve been scouring the internet for book ideas and placing holds left and right. If you are looking for some summer reading too, start with one of these: Continue reading

4 Books I’ve Been Reading Lately

reading lately mayIf it wasn’t for audiobooks this month, I might have read nothing at all. I don’t know if I have less time than I used to or if my attention span is shot thanks to my phone (probably both), but it’s hard to stay awake while I’m reading these days. Thank goodness for audiobooks. My only consolation is that I’ve really enjoyed the few books I did read this month. I even snuck a non-fiction in there, thank you very much.   Continue reading

Third Grade Reading List

I saw my first firefly of the year tonight. I didn’t grow up with fireflies, but that hasn’t stopped me from marking summer by their arrival. Thank goodness. I’ve been trying to squash my urge to pack up the books and start summer vacation early. Now that the fireflies are back and we’re just a few days from the end of the semester at our house, it’s time to look back at what we read and loved this year. As always, I’ve marked the books that we all especially enjoyed. (Looking for younger grades? Here’s what we read in first grade and second grade.) Continue reading