Poems of A. Nonny Mouse by Jack Prelutsky

a-nonny-mouseAside from an undying affection for Petrarch care of a fantastic literature professor in college, my taste in poetry tends toward the juvenile and illustrated. The very first book of poems I remember loving was Poems of A. Nonny Mouse with poems selected by Jack Prelutsky and illustrated by Henrik Drescher. It’s one of only three or four books I remember checking out repeatedly from the school library; in fact, I can still see in my mind’s eye where it was shelved. (Another of the books was also a collection of poems, but that’s a post for another day.) Continue reading


Eight Authors for Silly Readers

8-favorite-authors-for-silly-readersTwice in the past few months, I’ve had friends ask me for recommendations for young readers looking for funny books that aren’t dependent on crude humor for the laughs. I know kids love them, but I can’t even look at the cover of the Captain Underpants books. I’m lame like that. Even excluding potty humor, there are tons of funny books I can test books on my resident third grader. I know a book is hitting the mark when he comes out of his room repeatedly to read me a passage or relate a joke from the story. It happens so regularly that I’ve had to tell him that jokes are usually only funny the first time. (He hates this rule.) Here are six of our favorite authors when we’re looking for a new, silly read: Continue reading

10 Hilarious Books (for Funny Bones of All Ages)

10 Hilarious Books

A perfectly funny book is a special treat. I feel like humor in books can be overdone so easily. The humor in The Screaming Staircase delighted me repeatedly, especially since parts of the book were so suspenseful. At one point in the story, I had the misfortune of trying to laugh and drink at the same time. (It did not go well. Plus since I was using earphones at the time, no one in the room even heard the joke.)  In honor of taking a drink of milk right before the punch line, here are 10 hilarious books I’ve enjoyed: Continue reading